Third Draft

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 09.43.11.png

What I Improved:

    • Perfected shot durations.
    • Added in better shots where necessary, without compromising the narrative or performance elements.
    • Adapted the colouring.
    • Changed the narrative section at the end (on the beach and flashbacks) – now they are new shots, as well as, different colouring and shot durations.

Third Draft from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 4 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


I used multiple media technologies in the construction research, planning and evaluation stages that helped me to achieve my final piece.

In the research stages I used Youtube and Vevo to look up typical music videos of the genre and these platforms were an easy and reliable way to do so as they had such a wide range of videos and always had what I needed. I used Google, often, to search up artist’s names and information about their music to make sure that I was looking at the right kind of people for my genre. Spotify and Itunes were helpful when it came to researching digipacks as they have a LOT of album artwork available and it was easy for me to get familiar with it. Vimeo often served as a site providing more unusual/not as famous music videos but still ones from the correct genre, it also provided useful tutorials for how to work Indesign, Photoshop and colour changing effects on Premiere Pro.

I created a shot list in the planning stages to make it easier when filming incase I had a mind blank of my ideas. I used Pages for this because again, it is reliable and easy to make a table on which in return made my shot list accessible. Facebook Messenger allowed me to organise via message my actors and singers seamlessly, and get vital information out quick. When needing to choose an accurate, professional singer for my video I held filmed auditions where I got some auditionees to mym to the first verse of my song and then I chose the one who I thought would suit the video the most. I filmed my auditions on my camera that I always use for all my videos, the Canon 1300d with classic lens because I like everything to look the same. I edited the auditions video on Premiere Pro.

Photoshop, Indesign and Premier Pro were the softwares that I used to create my Digipack and Video as well as Wix which I used to make my website.

For the actual video, Premier allowed me to edit my shots, sync the music with the video, speed up the music and then slow down the filming to give off effective slow mo. For the video I used my Canon camera, a tripod and my Macbook Pro laptop.

For my Digipack I used Photoshop and Indesign with a template to create a professional album cover look. I also used my Macbook Pro Laptop.

For my website I used a font downloading site called 1001 free fonts to get my ‘signatures’ font which I used – also on my Digipack. helped me make my website. The links on my website were to my singers Vimeo and Vevo as well as social media such as Instagram, Facebook and newsletter.

Lastly, for these evaluation stages I used WordPress to store my media journey through AS and A2. My Macbook Pro Laptop which I have used for absolutely everything. (I am not sponsored). Vimeo which I have used to upload every video which I choose to share with the world. Quicktime – for all the screen recordings. My phone’s voice memo microphone for recording all my audio. And the software Premiere Pro where I edit every video. I also used Pages and Youtube to plan my evaluation answers before I record them.

Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 2 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


On reflection I think that the combination of my music video and its corresponding website and digipak worked well to reflect the genre of music that I was exploring.

Firstly, I started off researching similar music videos with their website and digipaks which helped me to understand what kind of conventions occured in that genre. So, because my chosen song is from the folk genre, I looked at the websites and digipack’s of artists such as First Aid Kit, Lucy Rose, Birdy, The Staves and George Ezra.

I found that their websites were clear, some were bold in their fonts and rather minimalist, whereas others had a large reference to nature and a strong folky vibe. I think, what makes my artist distinctive is that Isabel’s face is very striking as well as her signature look (of denim with long wavy hair), which I make the point of emphasizing on the homepage of the website, as well as on the digipack through pictures. Another point I found useful when researching other real life examples was the consistency shown on all the platforms. They all had their individual colour schemes, repeated in their video, on their website and in their branding. This helps to attract the relevant target audience. As part of Isabel’s social media, I created an instagram page to help round up a fan base and keep them updated on what she was up to. I use the website I made on to promote my artist and so, on the front of the homepage I have a teaser video that plays automatically to try and show the viewer what to expect from this artist. The teaser video features reviews from famous sources to try and also entice my target audience.

When making my Digipack I held a photoshoot with my artist, where I took pictures all in the same location, then edited them on photoshop to grasp the same colour scheme and then I began to insert the fonts, barcode and CD design necessary for an album cover. I used the artists I had researched earlier to get inspiration and ideas for how I would want my album cover to be perceived by the audience and what I want to tell them – through it. After this I used InDesign which provided a useful, professional layout so that I could make my Digipack look as skillful as possible.

I chose a style and colour scheme that reflected both the aspects of a nature infused uncomplicated look. I chose to use images all taken outside for my Digipack and I used other images from this shoot for website, again involving nature. For the logo I used a signature style font that I have continued to use on all bases (website and digipack) and I got the idea of using a handwritten-like font from the folk artist Billie Marten, who’s song my video is of. The nature references don’t just stop at the website and Digipack but I have made sure that the majority of my music video is shot outside as to reflect the true reference of the genre, therefore I use gardens, beaches and sand dunes to try and emphasize this true folk feel.

Evaluation Question 1

Evaluation Question 1 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


I think my media product uses, develops and challenges forms and conventions of real media products through its use of actors, locations, props, camera angles, narrative, performance, colours, digipak and font.

An example of where my music video uses real media products is through locations. As the song I chose is an acoustic\folk song, these all have in common the fact that they feature lots of nature, either they are constantly filmed outside or they have contrasting locations of outside and inside. In my music video I show multiple rural locations, firstly for the performance element – on a cliff (with a sunset) and in the sand dunes (with pouring rain). Secondly, for the narrative part of the video I used the locations of a house and the rooms in it, a garden, and a beach. These are all types of places that would usually feature in a folk genre music video. Other folk song music videos which also use these kinds of locations are Maggie Rogers ‘Alaska’, The Dead South ‘In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company’, Julien Baker ‘Turn Out The Lights’, and other Billie Marten songs such as ‘Bird’, ‘Lionhearted’ and ‘Heavy Weather’.

My music video also uses real media products in its use of font. I got the idea for the font from Billie Marten as she also uses as swirly signature font and I thought this nicely reflected the genre. So I went on to 1001 free fonts and downloaded a signature like font, then I adjusted the font slightly on photoshop to be how I wanted it and to make it more original. I then used this font and arrangement always in the hope it will become so recognisable it appears like a logo.

A way in which I think my media product develops forms and conventions of real media products is through the narrative. I am aware that the narrative is not totally out of the ordinary but it’s not cliche either. The narrative is of a girl as she grows up – effectively from being 6 years old, to 12 years old and then 18 years old. The only similar music video that I can find which shows this is P!nk’s music video, ‘Family Portrait’, which shows her dressed in the same outfit as a younger girl in the video as she mouths the words and sings the song with P!nk. Another example of where my music video develops forms and conventions is through the singers look. I think Isabel stands out through her signature look of hair blowing in the wind in every location and minimal makeup although still suits the folk genre through her natural ability to lip sync and expression.

My music video develops forms and conventions through its performance element where I put the singing in slow motion to give off a floaty, surreal feel. I have seen this technique used in a few music videos but not too many. In Billie Marten’s video ‘Bird’ she uses this effect and so I thought this would suit the Acoustic – Folk genre music video that I wanted to create. The way my music video develops this effect is by being used in scenic locations in my performance element of the video, which I found didn’t always occur in other videos.

Lastly I think my music video doesn’t really challenge forms and conventions of real media products but rather uses or develops them.

First Draft Improvments

What I Need To Do To Improve

  • Re film narrative with Nora (Young Girl) to make it look more slick.
  • Narrative of Emma (Middle Girl) not urgent, some nice shots I think.
  • Film more narrative for Chloe (Old Girl).
  • Film more nice performance element just so I can swap in and out.
  • Include more of the shot with Old Girl and Performer where they are sat back to back because I think it is quite effective and will link well to Old Girl’s narrative at the end.
  • Work on some filter editing.