Draft 1 Improvments

What I Need To Do To Improve

  • Re film narrative with Nora (Young Girl) to make it look more slick.
  • Narrative of Emma (Middle Girl) not urgent, some nice shots I think.
  • Film more narrative for Chloe (Old Girl).
  • Film more nice performance element just so I can swap in and out.
  • Include more of the shot with Old Girl and Performer where they are sat back to back because I think it is quite effective and will link well to Old Girl’s narrative at the end.
  • Work on some filter editing.



Practicing Effective Slow Mo

After watching the video ‘Bird’ by Billie Marten, I was fascinated by how effective the use of Slow Mo was when she was singing the lyrics.

The video inspired me to find out how to do this technique. I practiced on myself to try and grasp the kind of effect I wanted to create.

Attached below is my practice of the song ‘Live’ by Billie Marten (the song I want to use in my actual music video).

Slow Mo Practice from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


Actors, Locations and Props



I have chosen Chloe Vidler to be the main part in my narrative because I think she would suit the theme of innocence and growing up that I am trying to create.

FullSizeRender 2

Chloe, 18 years old

For my narrative I plan to explore the main characters previous life when she was younger so have cast two girls who look like Chloe.

Nora, 4 years old                          Emma, 14 years old

I have decided now to explore having a different person as the singer in my video so held casual auditions for people I thought might be suitable.

Audition for Music Video from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.



I plan on using a range of locations, they will be:

  • A beach: Green Island, Jersey
  • A house: Chloe’s House, St Clement

– A kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc

  • A garden: Chloe’s Garden, St Clement
  • The sand dunes



I plan on using fairly natural props such as:

  • A Car
  • A Phone
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Books, Pens and Pencils
  • Clothes: – Girly Clothes for my main characters younger selves

– Jeans and top etc (whatever she wants to wear) for my main character