Target Audience

To discover more about what my target audience would want to see in my music video, I held a target audience video in which I asked people to answer questions about genre, video techniques, characterisation and visual effects. Here are my results below:

Target Audience A2 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.



Practicing Effective Slow Mo

After watching the video ‘Bird’ by Billie Marten, I was fascinated by how effective the use of Slow Mo was when she was singing the lyrics.

The video inspired me to find out how to do this technique. I practiced on myself to try and grasp the kind of effect I wanted to create.

Attached below is my practice of the song ‘Live’ by Billie Marten (the song I want to use in my actual music video).

Slow Mo Practice from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.


Actors, Locations and Props



I have chosen Chloe Vidler to be the main part in my narrative because I think she would suit the theme of innocence and growing up that I am trying to create.

FullSizeRender 2

Chloe, 18 years old

For my narrative I plan to explore the main characters previous life when she was younger so have cast two girls who look like Chloe.

Nora, 4 years old                          Emma, 14 years old

I have decided now to explore having a different person as the singer in my video so held casual auditions for people I thought might be suitable.

Audition for Music Video from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.



I plan on using a range of locations, they will be:

  • A beach: Green Island, Jersey
  • A house: Chloe’s House, St Clement

– A kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc

  • A garden: Chloe’s Garden, St Clement
  • The sand dunes



I plan on using fairly natural props such as:

  • A Car
  • A Phone
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Books, Pens and Pencils
  • Clothes: – Girly Clothes for my main characters younger selves

– Jeans and top etc (whatever she wants to wear) for my main character


Analysing My Lyrics

I have chosen the song Live by Billie Marten as I think the words in the song are very poignant and easy to relate to as a women and teenager in todays society. I also like the style because it has a Folk feel which is different and helps to tell the story.

I have thought about the lyrics in terms of what they actually mean and have come up with who I will want to cast and what I think the song is about, overall.


When thinking about a possible narrative I have decided I want to have a heavy focus on a girl growing up and her life from being young and told to conform to the expectation of being a girl. This means I will need to cast more than one girl in my video, although they will have to looks similar to pass as the same person.



Coldplay DigiPak


Unlike the others this cover is a lot more hostile with a main theme of black and gold. The images of all the band members being so prevalent on the DigiPak reflects the family nature of the group which comes across strongly through the medium of their music. The songs of the album are featured down the centre and back of the DigiPak. The use of the historical french revolution image portrays their empathy with the past in relation to their hit song Viva La Vida which is traditionally a French Hym.

The black suggests to me that their music is about respecting the past and morning the tragic events of history.

Jack Johnson DigiPak

Due to the bold yellow theme presented on the Pak we are able to see that the following album will be happy and carefree because the colour yellow is associated with positive connotations. The yellow and black allows for an iconic, distinguishable look that can be recognised easily. On the back you can see a list of the songs that are on the record.

Much like James Blunt, Jack’s music is easy going, calming to listen to and the simplicity of the DigiPak perfectly reflects this.

James Blunt DigiPak


This was the DigiPak for an older album of James’ called Chasing Time. The black and white theme suggests simplicity which entirely reflects his music which is calm and easy to listen too. On the back of the DigiPak we can see a list of the track names on both CD 1 and 2. Some of the font is in red to contrast the heavy black and white influence.

The shape of the guitar flows across the bottom of the Pak which reflects his music and tone of voice. His straight face on the record foreshadows a selection of honest music that comes from the heart.

Taylor Swift DigiPak

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 21.14.18

This DigiPak shows Taylor’s previous album before her change in imagine this month. Taylor was associated with bright typically ‘girly’ colours such as Pink, Purple and Red because she was primarily a teenage icon. We can see birds featuring on Pak which suggests the spreading of wings which reflects the inspiration Taylor gives out in her album.

The Polaroids that are inserted into every album gave off a personal feel as well as a vintage one when it came to presentation.